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Are Pecans Good for You?

Why pecans are considered a superfood

There are a lot of health benefits of pecans thanks to their nutrient density, heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, potential for blood sugar control and help with weight management. Pecans are nutritious and delicious.

In a handful of pecans:

200 Calories

3g Protein

18g Heart-Healthy Unsaturated Fats

0g Added Sugar

11% DV Dietary Fiber

15% DV Thiamin

60% DV Manganese

40% DV Copper

10% DV Zinc

Buying Our Pecans is Easy

Knight Pecan Farms: A Family Tradition

With 12 generations of farmers before us, the decision to start our own family farm was all too easy. Knight Pecan Farms began with a humble pecan orchard and an appreciation for honest work. As the trees and business grew, our Oklahoma farm became renowned for some of the best pecans on the market.

Today, the second generation of Knight Pecan Farms is carrying on the family tradition, harvesting our pecans at their peak to ensure the freshest and most delicious pecans around. We know you’ll love our pecans as much as we do!

Our Story

Knight Pecan Farms

Our Customers Love Farm-Fresh Pecans

“I didn’t know pecans tasted this good but these are the best. I’ve given their pecans as gifts and find myself snacking on them all the time. Highly recommend!”

– Margo Call

Loyal Customer

“Absolutely delicious pecans with lots of variety. These are simply the best pecans in the Tulsa area. This is a locally-owned business and all the pecans are locally harvested.”

– Muhannad Salayta

“These are the best pecans I’ve ever tasted! They are fresh with every bite. We missed getting to get them at the farmers’ market, or Mother Road Market, and purchased them from another nut vendor in the area. Never again! We will go without pecans before we’ll buy from anyone besides Knight Creek Farms. Thank you for great products!!”

– Elizabeth Davis

“Best pecans! I don’t usually love pecans, but I love these! They make great gifts and there is a great variety to choose from. Love supporting a family-owned farm. Also, the gift boxes are beautiful and delicious. Highly recommend!”

Courtney Jones
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